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This Agreement constitutes the general terms and conditions incumbent upon Global Text and the Supplier. However, we reserve the right to update and make amendments to the Agreement at any time without prior notice.

Global Text makes sure that all applications are treated in confidence. This means that Global Text will not and may not pass on suppliers’ personal data – from telephone number to VAT number, unless this is directly related to execution of translation assignments.

The Supplier shall treat all information and all documents regarding assignments that are submitted to him/her from Global Text through email, Sprend or other File Sharing Services, FTP etc., as confidential, and shall not disclose such information/documents to any third party without prior written consent from Global Text.

All documents the supplier receives from Global Text may only be opened and saved on his or her own password protected computer.The Supplier shall under no circumstances use computers on Internet cafés, other shared or public computers or computers with open wireless networks when working with documents received from Global Text.

When you accept a job from Global Text, you guarantee that you are executing the job yourself and you may not collaborate with other translators on assignments from Global Text.

The Supplier furthermore accepts that Global Text is entitled at any time to exclude the Supplier from Global Text’s services without prior notice if Global Text believes that the Supplier has violated or acted contrary to Global Text’s conditions.

Accepting an assignment:
When the Supplier receives a request from Global Text, it is upon his or her responsibility to check the source text in order to make sure that the subject field is within his or her fields of expertise. The Supplier must therefore only accept assignments that are in fact within his or her fields of expertise.

Errors in the source text:
If a source text contains obvious errors, you must bring this to the attention of Global Text, even in circumstances where this has no impact on your translation. We are keen on making sure that our clients do not make use of poor source texts. One or two examples are sufficient.

Target group:
Make sure that you know the target group the text is intended for and that your translation is adapted to this target group. Ask the project manager when in doubt.

Establish whether the text is to be adapted to the country and culture to which it is addressed. Your point of departure should be to adapt it to the country and culture. This applies to telephone numbers, addresses, units of measurement, etc., but also to the content of the text.

It is important that you deliver a translation in the same layout as you have
received it. If we send you a project package in SDL Trados Studio, you should deliver the translation as a return package. If you use a CAT tool that is unable to create a return package compatible with SDL Trados Studio, you must send us a TM-export in order for the delivery to be complete, unless the source file is a non-editable file.

Proofreading before delivery:
As a translator of a text, you always need to give a final proofreading before you deliver the translation to Global Text. We always recommend that you let the translated text “rest” for some hours or preferably overnight before you perform this final proofreading of your own text. This final read-through normally catches a lot of mistakes, and it gives you the opportunity to check the style and the flow in the translation. A well translated text should sound like it had been written in the original target language. It is your responsibility to offer a quote with a longer deadline on an assignment if you determine that you need more time. Never take it for granted that there will be an additional proofreading after your translation assignment is finished. It is your responsibility to make sure that the translation delivered is perfect and ready to be sent to the customer.

We always expect the very best quality from you. Not following the briefings, omission of text, grammar and spelling errors, as well asnot respecting deadlines will, in most cases, result in financial consequences for you. A translation from you must be ready for use by the client.

The Supplier shall upon accepting this Agreement also send an updated résumé stating relevant work experience and qualifications regarding the execution of the services.

The Supplier shall notify Global Text if/when he or she has undergone further relevant education within a new or current subject field, becomes a certified translator or in any other way updates his or her qualifications and competencies.

When the Supplier accepts an assignment he/she also accepts the price stated in the email. The Supplier shall send one invoice at the end of every month with accumulated executed projects. Terms of payment are 30 days.

There is, however, the following exception:
If a client makes a complaint about an assignment, this will not be paid for until the complaint has been resolved and a solution reached (e.g. correction of errors, rejectionor acceptance of the assignment as it is).

By accepting this agreement I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

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