Legal Translations

Contracts, legal rulings, legal opinions, insurance documentation and other legal documents frequently need to be translated. As a translation agency, we always require that our legal translators have extensive knowledge of legal terminology in both source and target language.


Our translators have in-depth knowledge of the law

Our translators have both training in and extensive experience of legal translations and are very familiar with the language used in legislation, legal rulings, insurance documentation and contracts. We can also provide authorised translators for documentation that requires it. Just like our customers, we are very conscious of the need to control costs at all levels without compromising quality, confidentiality or service.

Timely delivery

Together with a team of translators and a dedicated project manager from Global Text, we provide short turn-around times without compromising on quality. We assist law firms and other companies on a daily basis with legal translations into many diverse European languages, for example, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German and Russian.

Confidentiality is assured

As a customer of Global Text you can be confident about how your documents will be handled. Professional secrecy and confidentiality is a given and we of course sign confidentiality agreements for assignments that require it.

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The advantages of using Global Text as a translation agency:
  • Cost-effective methods
  • Highly competent translators with a feel for financial data
  • Timely delivery
  • Project managers with a strong customer focus

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