Our translators

Global Text’s foremost priorities are language quality and dependable delivery. We thoroughly assess and test all our translators to ensure a very high standard of expertise in both the source- and the native language. It is equally important that our translators possess an in-depth knowledge of the terminology that is used in their respective specialist areas.

Quality assured translators

We have a comprehensive, quality assured network of very knowledgeable translators that are not only highly competent, but in addition have extensive experience within their respective specialist fields. They are accustomed to working to strict deadlines and can handle challenging delivery requirements. Everything to guarantee the highest possible levels of quality and service.

Every assignment demands not only the best translator, in respect of  language specialisation but also in respect of type of text, subject area, the target audience for which the text is intended, and  its format.

Our translators become part of your team

Our goal is to provide our customers with a dedicated team of translators. Our translators quickly become experts on your products and business documentation, which most importantly guarantees language consistency across all your documentation.

You can have complete confidence in Global Text’s translators.
  • Quality assured and carefully selected translators
  • A unique team of translators for your company
  • Translators with specialist knowledge

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