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Global Text is a translation company offering quality-assured translations. We have been a valued partner, helping companies and institutions with their translations for fifteen years.

Our most notable characteristic is our particular focus on the customer in combination with our high quality standards. At our translation company, you are always given a personal contact.

Our business concept as a translation company is to offer quality-assured translations in an efficient way that always result in satisfied customers and, ultimately, in long-term partnerships. Our combination of the most highly-skilled translators on the market and cost-saving solutions enables us to offer translations with the highest possible levels of service, while also working to save money for our customers.

Our goal is always to build a long-term partnership.

You are assigned a personal project manager

Our project managers have one of the most important roles
in the translation project.

With particular focus on the customer, the project manager assigns the right translator, plans the assignment and delivers an accurate translation. Proactive project management helps both us and our translators – and of course our customers.

Why Global Text?


As a translation company, we work according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and always endeavour to deliver quality-assured translations.


We aim for the best possible delivery times in all our assignments and to deliver in formats that save time for our customers.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers and long-term partnerships are important to us.
We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.


We apply high standards of security and confidentiality when dealing with all our customers’ assignments and documents.

We know your industry

We work with the most highly-skilled specialist translators in the market to offer translations in most areas of industry.


Global Text is a translation company with extensive experience of translation and localisation of technical documentation. We help companies reach new markets through quality-assured, effective translations based on the customer’s needs. We translate training materials, technical manuals and product specifications, etc.

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Legal translations

Contracts, legal rulings, legal opinions, insurance documentation and other legal documents frequently need to be translated. As a translation agency, we always require that our legal translators have extensive knowledge of legal terminology in both source and target language.

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It / Webb

Translating websites and IT-systems to the native language of the target audience is crucial in order to communicate important information about the company’s products and increase sales. Our technical solutions enable us to facilitate and expedite the entire translation process. Together with our specialist translators and dedicated project managers, we help you achieve your localisation objectives.

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Financial translations

When translating annual reports or other financial material, it is essential to use a translator with specialist knowledge of the financial sector. As a translation agency we attach great importance to specialist knowledge and accuracy.

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When translating market information we place great importance on communicating in an accurate and precise manner to ensure that the intended message resonates with the target audience. Most companies invest a lot of time and effort in producing good written material for their websites, brochures and advertisements. Therefore, we use only specialised translators to ensure that the spirit and character of the translation corresponds to the tone and style of the original text.

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Medical translations

When translating information about medical equipment, pharmaceuticals or scientific studies, it is essential to employ professional translators with specialist knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. As a translation agency, we attach great importance to specialist knowledge and accuracy. When you employ the services of Global Text, we always select a translator with the necessary specialist knowledge and native language.

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