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– To and from which language do you want to translate? It may also be good for us to know in which country the text should be used. Should there be British or American English, European or Latin American Spanish?

Do you have a document?
– Send with the file you want to translate so that we can get an idea of ​​the subject, scope and severity.

Target group
– What is the purpose and who is the text for? Should it be used internally, for market purposes, is the target group experts or laymen…?

Format / Websites
– Please send the original file in an editable format such as Word, Excel, PPT, InDesign, .properties, XML, PHP, XLS, HTML, XLF. If you want to translate your website, it is good if you extract the texts from the page and send them in a file format.

Delivery time
– Please let us know a desired delivery time we should take into account when we exhibit the quotation. If no delivery time is stated, we will return with a quotation based on a normal delivery time for the assignment.

Reference Material
– Are there previous translations, glossaries, style guides or websites we can visit? When we get access to relevant reference material, we make sure that preferred terminology and style are used in the translation.

– Does the assignment also include layout and settlement? We can offer layout services in eg. InDesign and PageMaker.

We only work with corporate customers.

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